Gateway Church, Leek

We are a pentecostal church in the market town of Leek in Staffordshire, part of the Assemblies of God group of churches.

We seek to serve and glorify God and encourage all to enter a living relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.
If what Jesus said is true (as recorded in the Gospels), this Good News could change your life! We’d love you to join us at one of our meetings, so we can explore our faith together.

At The Gateway Church, you’ll find a family of real people who seek to live out God’s Love in a practical way. Our Worship is lively and leader-led, while open to the ministry of the Holy Spirit and church members. Browse this site to see the weekly activities to which you, your family and friends are most welcome!

Our vision and values

We believe we are on a mission as a Gateway of heaven, showing the Father's love to all, sharing the Good News of Jesus from our neighbourhood to the nations.

We believe in connection; to God's grace through Jesus Christ, to each other, and to helping others connect to Jesus.

We believe the Holy Spirit empowers us every day, wanting to see His gifts in every one of God’s children—regardless of age or gender—so they can reach their full potential in serving Jesus.

We trust God and seek to nurture our faith in Him. Nothing is impossible for a church that prays and moves with dynamic faith.

We believe in releasing the freedom & healing of the Spirit among us and in our community. Encouraging each other to discover everything God has for us, both personally and together.

We are a church devoted to worship by lifting high the name of Jesus in praise and our lives are dedicated to serving Him. Our songs express our love for God. Worship connects us deeply with the Father through the Spirit.

We believe in the family of God and as such are brothers and sisters in interdependent relationships as His children. As Christ's ambassadors, we are a loving church that seeks to reflect the Father’s unconditional love and grace to the world.

We are generous because we follow God's example of generosity, who gave His Son. We value giving in all aspects of life. Generosity goes beyond money to include our thoughts, words, actions, time, and talents. We give regularly to support God'swork through our church. The world of the generous gets larger and larger!

We are committed to growing into the abundant life that Jesus promises us. Our goal is to become like Jesus through our relationship with Him and one another.